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Ecodesign-projects: Achieving more with less!

Ecodesign is about carrying out specific improvements to a product.

Thus, it is not enough to fulfil generalized demands like a «long life expectancy» or «recyclability». The life cycle of the product as a whole must also be improved and optimized according to ecological aspects. Hence, a systematic approach and the specific utilization of practicable methodology and tools is needed for this life cycle development.

Ecodesign is a process, i.e. a sequence of certain planning stages within the framework of product development:

  1. Consideration and analysis of all product life stages («Life-Cycle-Thinking»)
  2. Detection of ecological weak spots
  3. Search for and selection of improvement measures
  4. Implementation of these measures in product development and in marketing
  5. Making Ecodesign an integral part of the company

Züst Engineering supports you in implementing Ecodesign in the following areas:

  • Analysing and evaluating existing or future products and services (especially «Life-Cycle-Thinking»),
  • Mapping out an effective Ecodesign-strategy,
  • Synthesis and selection of promising Ecodesign-measures,
  • Mapping out an efficient way of communicating the environmental achievements externally, for example by using ecologically oriented fact sheets along the lines of EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), or
  • Synthesizing and implementing a modified product development process (integration of Ecodesign in existing innovation- and development processes)

Ideally, such projects are supplemented with project-workshops so that an internal increase of competence is ensured and employees can be motivated for the issue. Wherever possible persons concerned are a ctively involved in the Ecodesign-process.

In the following three example projects:

  • Concepting and integrating the Ecodesign-process into the existing innovation and development process of a world- leading company
  • Planning a company- and product-specific communication of Ecodesign (company-specific description of the environmental performance of a product)
  • Development of a master plan Ecodesign for an organization of the public service sector including a portfolio of projects that could potentially be realized in the future
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