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Successful teaching at academic institutions of higher education, in training courses and in the industry:

Today, businesses are confronted with various and constantly changing factors. These factors do not operate in an isolated way. They occur as networks with high-impact feedback. Intuition and experience alone are not sufficient to solve complex problems effectively and efficiently. A holistic approach and the ability to develop and implement sustainable solutions are needed. Integral planning methods are necessary so that businesses can develop more sustainable products and services. Thus, approaches in the field of lateral thinking and doing are required, which allow the development of target-oriented, optimum solutions.

Züst Engineering AG supports businesses in the increase of competence especially in the field of challenging projects and Ecodesign. We have varied experiences in project-workshops, project-coaching and in other contexts. The concrete problem, respectively the concrete question, takes centre stage; and together solutions are developed while at the same time work on the project itself takes place. The motto is «learning by doing». Thus, the benefit for the customer is optimized since not only a transfer of knowledge takes place but concrete work on the project is also carried out so that tips and tricks can be put into practice straight away.

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