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Organization of Züst Engineering AG

Züst Engineering AG is a public limited company according to Art. 620 ff. of the Swiss Code of Obligations with its registered business address being in Seegräben / Canton of Zurich.

The purpose of the company is to render corporate consultancy services in particular for the industry and related areas as well as for the public service sector. It takes on mandates to support third-party companies, NGOs and public institutions in terms of contents, administration and organization. In this context the company can do business, acquire, retain or sell shareholdings of other companies, establish branches in Switzerland and abroad, participate in financial transactions and acquire real estate.

Executive board:

Simon D. Züst, Dr., MSc. ETH, president

Florentin M. Züst, vice-president

Rainer Züst, Dr., Dipl. Ing. ETH, member of board

Gian-Luca Züst, member of board

Viturin Züst, member of board


Rainer Züst, Simon Züst, Gian-Luca Züst and Viturin Züst as well as further associates with academical qualifications. Züst Engineering AG often co-operates with a network of additional experts.

Züst Engineering AG is managed by Rainer Züst.

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