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Publications in the field of Systems Engineering:

Züst, R.:
Einstieg ins Systems Engineering
Optimale, nachhaltige Lösungen entwickeln und umsetzen

(Introduction to Systems Engineering- developing and implementing optimal, sustainable solutions)
3rd fully revised edition,
Verlag Industrielle Organisation, Zürich, 2004.
ISBN 978-3-85743-721-2

Züst, R., Troxler, P. (Hrsg.):
Systems Engineering Case-Book
Verlag Industrielle Organisation, Zürich, 2002.

Züst, R., Schregenberger, J. W.:
Systems Engineering
A Methodology for Designing Sustainable Solutions in the Field of Engineering and Management

Verlag Eco Performance, Zürich, 2003.

Züst, R., Troxler, P.:
No More Muddling Through
Mastering Complex Projects in Engineering and Management

Springer, Dordrecht, 2006.
ISBN: 978-1-4020-5017-6

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