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Systems Engineering projects: Systematic project management is the aim

An essential factor for successful project management is structuring the project by breaking it down into separate work packages and steps. Therefore, project plans and processes of product development in the industry in particular are characterised by the following:

  • The project is subdivided into several phases (naming milestones, deliverables, central questions to be dealt with, relation to other projects (especially those in which the project in question is embedded) as well as the relation to internal resources (for example previous experiences and expertise gained from other projects)); this is called the life-cycle model or macro-strategy.
  • The individual phases of the project (component projects) are dealt with content-related systematic analysis of current and target situation, goal definition, evaluation of potential solutions and decision et al); this is called a problem solving cycle (according to Systems Engineering) or micro-strategy.
  • In the industry and in the public service sector both methodological concepts are to be implemented in a company-specific way; for this, specific knowledge is required.

Züst Engineering AG supports companies and public authorities in making the two basic methodological concepts - the life cycle model (macro-strategy) on the one hand and problem solving cycle (micro-strategy) on the other hand - an integral part of the organization concerned or in applying them in a concrete way and implementing them in a specific project.

We often work in teams so that the persons concerned can be actively involved. Such processes are often supplemented by short training modules which ensure a wider perspective as well as allowing for a more intense way of looking into the chosen and potential methods.

In the following three example projects:

  • Increase of Systems Engineering competence in the R&D department of a technology-intensive business using special project-workshops (second opinion et al) and looking into product development processes which have to be modified
  • Concepting and implementing project management guidelines for a technology-oriented department of the public services sector
  • Analysis and development of the project-oriented process management of an IT-consultancy
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