Züst Engineering AG

Züst Engineering AG was founded in 2010 with the aim to primarily work on projects in the field of sustainability.


Structure of Züst Engineering AG:

Züst Engineering AG is an Aktiengesellschaft (public limited company) according to article 620 ff Code of Obligations with its company address in Seegräben / CH.

The company’s purpose is to offer consultancy services for the industry, industry-oriented fields and public administration. Züst Engineering AG takes on mandates / assignments / contracts supporting third party companies, NGOs and public institutions with regards to contents, administration and organisation. In this context, the company can trade; buy, hold and sell shares in other companies; open subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad; take part in financial transactions and buy real estate.




Rainer Züst, Gian-Luca Züst and Viturin Züst as well as further members of staff with university degrees. Züst Engineering AG often works with a network of additional experts.

Züst Engineering AG is run / managed by Rainer Züst.



Züst Engineering is part of a broad, interactive network of relations with experts in Switzerland and abroad. We regularly work with leading universities and exchange experiences / compare notes. This knowhow is available to our customers.

Our network of relations is based on the following activities:

  • Rainer Züst was a professor for Industrial Management at the ETH Zurich for 6 years; in this context he worked on research projects with MIT Boston (USA) and Tokyo University (Japan).
  • Longstanding co-operation in research and teaching with inspire AG / IWF as part of ETH Zurich as well as LICP as part of EPFL in Lausanne.
  • Member of CIRP: Rainer Züst was a «CIRP-Fellow» for 20 years; totday he is a «CIRP-Emeritus» and thus has direct access to leading experts in the field of production engineering worldwide
  • Close co-operation with Swissmem, especially in the field of Ecodesign and planning tools of “MEM products” (= mechanical, electrical and metal industries) as well as with Stahlpromotion Schweiz for efficient steel value add-chains
  • Züst Engineering AG led the research and development consortium «Sustainable Engineering Network Switzerland» ion behalf of several for considerable time
  • Membership of sia (Swiss society of engineers and architects).