Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

You would like to increase the efficiency and sustainability of your processes and procedures? Would you like to increase the quality of your product and avoid scrap? With the methodological system “Lean Six Sigma”, Züst Engineering AG provides the basis to efficiently support you in achieving these goals. The focus is on your specific material, information and value flows rather than on standardized solutions. Thus, tailored solutions are guaranteed, which result in an optimum ROI.

Züst Engineering AG use “Lean Six Sigma” as a methodological system. The goal is not to achieve superficial “cosmetics” but rather a fundamental understanding of functional mechanisms within their processes in order to find a sustainable and optimal solution. This is why we work according to the established 5 stage plan (inspired by DMAIC):

  1. 1

    DEFINE: The required quality and quantity of the product of individual processes and of service levels are defined together with the executive management. We want to know your goals and requirements in order to work towards these targets.

  2. 2

    Measuring the current value stream; we characterise the current material and information streams as well as working procedures at different work stations and /or production lines. In particular, it is important for us to establish contact with your staff in order to directly find out about current “problem areas”.

  3. 3

    ANALYSIS: Analysis of current value streams as well as identification of potential for improvement. What is the current capacity of the process? Where does waste occur? These are some of the questions that are answered at this stage.

  4. 4

    IMPROVE: Synthesis of desired value streams, which fulfil the targets defined in stage 1. Once again, the involvement of your staff is essential for us as this is the only way to guarantee they will identify with the new processes thus ensuring a successful outcome.

  5. 5

    CONTROL: Implementation and monitoring the new value streams. We will support you during the handover to the owners. After this stage, the optimal target value stream established in stage 1 will have been achieved.

For projects like this, Züst Engineering AG employs trained experts (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) with proven experience in the fields of process procedures and quality control. In addition, Züst Engineering AG has contacts to a wide range of experts, who can be consulted if required.

One strength of Züst Engineering AG is combining “Lean Six Sigma” with the methodology of “Systems Engineering”. In particular when dealing with complex and interconnected problems, this systematically facilitates finding a quick and successful solution. A typical example for employing both methods is factory design / planning.