Our commitment for sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability

For us sustainability is not just a buzzword - we put sustainability into practice in our day-to-day lives. This concerns in particular our mobility, our choice of offices and charitable commitment to training young people in the field of sustainability.

We currently implement the following measures:

  • We work on assignments / mandates, whose aim it is to improve sustainability.
  • We travel by public transport; all of our staff hold a Swiss GA travel card
  • We consciously avoid car journeys; if we have to use a car we drive one with A or B efficiency rating whenever possible.
  • We avoid flying whenever possible; if we do need to travel by plane we offset our CO2 emissions
  • Our offices are in a Plus Energy House equipped with geothermal energy / heat pump, solar collectors (warm water) and photovoltaic (electricity).
  • We consciously forego expensive promotional gifts or corporate dinners / business lunches; instead we support the Zurich Children's Hospital i.e. the foundation for children with heart conditions with 5-10% of the company profits.